Being Black v. Being A Woman

When I was in college, a friend and myself were educators of relationship and sexual violence prevention (RSVP) for our university.  As you can imagine, a group of educators for RSVP issues are full of activist and young people motivated by what I call ist-isms (think all things political and justice related).  My friend and... Continue Reading →


New Video: J.Cole- G.O.M.D.

I was introduced to J. Cole during the early years of college.  I fell in love immediately with his ability to merge politics and music.  He doesn't shy away from discussing social issues for the sake of popularity.  I appreciate J.Cole's play on words and his latest album was a great display of artistry.  Check... Continue Reading →

The Importance of Balance

Millennials get a bad rap for being lazy, unreliable and indecisive. As a part of this generation, I strongly disagree. I went to college with some of the most motivated and creative individuals you could imagine.   I have friends who have penned books, started fashion lines, write for major publications, started businesses, and have successful... Continue Reading →

Appreciate Being Unplugged

Today, It is easy to make friends with people that are a million miles away. We can have heated debates with people across the country and service clients we have never even met. We are totally and completely plugged up. We are hopelessly connected and life exists within instantaneous clicks. I can keep up pre... Continue Reading →

Why Traveling is Good for the Soul

I love that more and more people are leaving their comfort zones and exploring more parts of the world. Traveling is a unique opportunity for education that no school or institution could ever provide you. While learning about other cultures and histories, you learn about yourself. You are able to tap into a part of... Continue Reading →

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