Why Traveling is Good for the Soul

I love that more and more people are leaving their comfort zones and exploring more parts of the world. Traveling is a unique opportunity for education that no school or institution could ever provide you. While learning about other cultures and histories, you learn about yourself. You are able to tap into a part of yourself you never knew existed and you find that you are stronger and more resilient than you ever imagined.

Old Town, Geneva, Switzerland.
Old Town, Geneva, Switzerland.

People travel for different reasons; leisure, to find themselves, business, parties. Whatever the reason, traveling is good for the soul. Whether you are taking a weekend trip camping or a month long excursion to the Himalayas, the act of traveling is restorative. While I was in Europe, I was able to get a recharge I didn’t know I needed. I spent many days running along the rivers in Geneva, and journaling at the lake. I was able to press pause on life and evaluate who I am and what direction I was going. For the first time in years, I didn’t have to rush to get from one place to another. I didn’t have to punch a time clock, (although I did have classes) and I was able to enjoy doing nothing.

I took walks through the Swiss Botanical gardens, got lost in Paris, lounged on Spanish beaches, shopped at English markets and years ago, I helped pull in fish with Ghanaian fisherman. I was able to enjoy new experiences without worrying about my next obligation and that’s important. We all need a break from our reality of work, responsibilities and bills.


Traveling is not always fun and peaceful but the stress of traveling could contribute to your personal growth. There are times where you are hopelessly lost, or you’ve wasted much needed money. You may feel extreme homesickness or hate your choice of destination but when in a new place that is foreign to you, you have to rely on yourself and trust your instincts. You have to solve whatever problem you’re facing. There is no bailout! If you are sad, you have to figure out how to pick yourself up. If you are lost, you have to find your way back and if you have wasted money, you’ll figure out where to cut costs. You will be pushed to your limits and your comfort will be nearly nonexistent but it is worth it. You will come home feeling refreshed, you will appreciate your home and your family and the world will feel like an entity you need to explore.

Leaving Ghana and Europe, I felt like I had grown spiritually. I felt closer to God, and I felt more grounded in the world. Each time I was reminded of who I am minus the pressures of society and the people around me. I left knowing that the world is full of beauty and goodness. I returned home feeling full of purpose and ready to tackle life’s obstacles. I was inspired; by my own journey, by the amazing people I met and by the beauty in both nature and architecture. Traveling is more than seeing new places. It is about seeing who you really are and finding peace with the world around you.

Laughing in Spain
Laughing in Spain
Leaving London for Hogwarts
Leaving London for Hogwarts

****Always travel with a journal. Journaling is a great way to capture the moment beyond pictures and a great method to track your growth.

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  1. Well written, my friend. If only businesses in our country placed half as much value on travel and leisure as we do personally, I’m sure they, too, would see growth in their businesses as well.

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