Appreciate Being Unplugged

Today, It is easy to make friends with people that are a million miles away. We can have heated debates with people across the country and service clients we have never even met. We are totally and completely plugged up. We are hopelessly connected and life exists within instantaneous clicks. I can keep up pre school friends I haven’t spoken to since puberty, I know the exact outfit my cousin across the country wore yesterday and embarrassing drunken moments of college co-eds reach thousands.


Technology is amazing. I appreciate the advances we have. We can document the most precious moments of our lives and share it with everyone (literally). We can use Time Hop to see how thought when were younger. We can blog J and thousands of research databases are online, enabling the average Joe access to theories and new developments. Technology has opened up the world.

However, when we become so plugged up that we miss out on the simple things, we have a problem. I am guilty of this too. How many times have you hung out with friends and you checked all of your social medias every few minutes? Have you texted through a dinner with a family member? Are you guilty of taking so many selfies that you miss out on the beauty outside of yourself?

Me too.

Its great to stay connected to the world but don’t forget to check into reality. Enjoy that concert you paid to see live, don’t watch through your phone the whole time. Go hard in the gym, text your buddies after. Enjoy the moments you have with your parents, they won’t be here forever. While keeping up with other peoples lives, don’t forget to LIVE!

Hiking with My Friends in Washington!
Hiking with My Friends in Washington!

How to Unplug:

  1. Talk to Strangers– Obviously our parents told us as children to never do this but talking to strangers is great. In fact, while I was writing this (in my neighborhood Starbucks) I struck up a conversation with a stranger. He was older man who had a career in the Army. He talked to me about his career, his family and the differences of how he grew up and how kids today grow up. Coincidently, He felt that kids today are so wrapped up in technology that they don’t know how to play outside and enjoy nature’s beauty. It was a pleasant conversation. Sometimes strangers bring awesome perspectives. Don’t be afraid to strike up a conversation. That person could become a great friend, a business opportunity or maybe even a significant other.
  2. Build Memories, Not Albums– Photos are great but if you don’t have memories behind them, that’s all they are. Don’t forget to live in that moment. Awesome memories with your friends and family will survive longer than a photo will.
  3. Turn off your devices: At least for a little while. Take time to think without influences. Get some alone time. Watch a movie. Travel the world. Come up with a business plan. Again, being too plugged up can make you miss some great things. Sometimes you need to be alone with just your thoughts and nature. You can check your messages later.
  4. Read a book– An actual book. I have an eReader too but nothing is quite like holding a book. Get lost in it. Be someone else for a while. Start a book club even.
  5. Get outside– There is no point in taking a walk if you’re going to be on Facebook the whole time. Seriously. Go running, do yoga, sit under a tree and just enjoy God’s beauty. Nature is God’s gift to us. Enjoy it. And yes, I mean enjoy it without music too. It is possible, I promise.
Family Time with My beautiful Nephew
Family Time with My beautiful Nephew

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