How To Start Your Mornings 

 Growing up, my mornings were always a bit jarring.  My brother and I were always late, unprepared, disorganized and rarely ate a good breakfast.  We were the kind of kids who liked to stay up late and then slept too long in the morning. 

 By the time I got to college, I was definitely not a morning person. I would pick classes as late as possible, I still skipped breakfast and my habit of rushing in the morning continued.

 One day, I realized how unproductive this was.  Not only was it unproductive and inefficient, constantly rushing and skipping breakfast affected my moods and most of my day would be reflective of my hectic morning. 

 It wasn’t until I took a part time job that required me to rise before the sun, that I realize the importance of having a peaceful morning.  Starting your day off right is beneficial for your health, moods, and can help you feel more prepared and grounded for the tasks you have for the day.


How I start my morning:

Prepare at night:  Night prep is the best way to ensure a peaceful and smooth morning.  If you’re like me, you want to maximize sleep, so prepare what you can the night before.  Night prep for me includes; making lunch, picking out my outfits, showering, prepping my tea mug, prepping my breakfast, etc.  I also like to straighten up my house before I go to bed.  I like to leave my home clean and organized in the morning.  It saves time to do as much as I can before I go to bed.

-Sleep:  Getting a full night’s rest almost always ensures that I wake up on the right side of the bed.  When I’m well rested, I’ll typically wake up in a great mood and full of energy.  I usually try to get ready for bed an hour before my target bed time (you’re never too old for a bedtime).

Use an Alarm:  A lot people recommend waking up to music or soft alarms.  This doesn’t work for me.  Music and relaxing alarms are easy for me to sleep through.  While I could enjoy not waking up to the most irritating of sounds, I wouldn’t wake up!  I need my aggravating alarm to get me going for my day.  I also recommend avoiding the snooze button.  I definitely have more than one alarm but I do not use the snooze button.  The snooze button is a sure way to oversleep and rush all day.

Stretch:  I notice when I stretch in the morning, my body feels more awake and alert.  I stretch anywhere from 5-10 mins.  It is especially helpful for those of us who are physically active.  Waking up sore definitely slows you down and kills your motivation in the morning. 

-Drink Water:  I have no clue why but drinking a glass of water really wakes me up in the morning.  I try to drink about a gallon of water a day and starting this early makes that goal obtainable.  It also kills some of the morning hunger pains and is great for your skin in the long run.

-Choose Your Background Noise:  My mood determines my background noise.  Some mornings I really enjoy listening to music. I might start the day off with gospel music or upbeat music like Pharrell’s Happy.  Other days, I listen to really girly music like Beyonce.  Most mornings, I prefer the quiet.  Getting ready without music allows me to really process my thoughts and set my intentions for the day.  The morning is a great time to meditate.  So choose your background noise wisely.

-Eat: I try to eat breakfast before I leave the house.  I usually eat a pretty light breakfast on weekday mornings.  I will usually eat oatmeal, eggs, yogurt or a bowl fruit.  On days were I didn’t give myself enough time to enjoy breakfast at home, I will make a smoothie and take it to go, or I’ll pack my breakfast to go and eat it at work. I love coffee and tea, so my breakfast is usually followed by a cup of tea or coffee.


Every Morning is different but I always try to do things that lift my spirit and reduce stress.  How do you all start your day off?  

I hope the post helps you start your day off in the most peaceful way.




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