6 Ways to Indulge in Positivity


It is so much easier to recognize the negative aspects of life than it is to acknowledge all the beautiful things life has to offer. Today, the news, social media and everyday conversations are consumed with the worst parts of life. It can be difficult to stay positive when everything around you is the opposite. 

 While we can’t change the fact that bad things will happen, we can do our part to make sure our lives are consumed with as many positive components as possible. Positivity begets more positivity. If you live a positive life, your positive energy will spread to those around you. However, if you are surrounding yourself with constant negativity, you will eventually be a negative person. You can be a strong willed person and still be affected by the negativity around you. Do your best rid your life of the negativity.


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Steps to Indulge in Positivity

1.Positive Affirmations– Positive Affirmations may seem silly but they can really work. When you wake up say something positive about your day. Set intentions for yourself and throughout the day remind yourself of this. For example, “Something good is going to happen to me and with me.” I am a firm believer that you set the tone of your life by your own beliefs. Believe in good things and good things will happen. 

 2.Love Some People From A Distance- There are some people in our lives who we love dearly but they are a constant source of negativity. They can’t help but spew hate, they complain about everything, and they are never genuinely happy for other people’s blessings. I have had friends whom I grew up and I loved like family. Unfortunately the way they choose to live their life clashed with the way I was choosing to live mine. Their lives was filled with negativity, drama and poor choices. I had to make a choice to love those people from a distance. It is unfair to keep people in your life when you can’t think positively about them and it is unfair to you to be surrounded by people that bring you down.

3.Do Things That Make You Happy and Make You Geel Good- Everyday, do something that makes you feel good. Working out, writing, and dancing typically make me feel really good and gives me burst of energy. Figure out what random acts give you a ‘feel good’ moment. Listen to a favorite song, call a good friend, take random trips, buy that thing you’ve been eyeing. Volunteer! It is worth for you to feel good.

4.Sleep- Getting enough sleep is crucial for your health and function. Getting adequate sleep is important to your positive lifestyle. It is hard to be positive or even alert when you are tired and you constant thought is the pillow. Try to get to sleep on time.

5.Acknowledge Your Blessings and Accolades- I can be really hard on myself sometimes. I know I’m not alone in this. Sometimes we have to really stop and evaluate all the good things in our lives. If you need to, list all the accomplishments in your life that you have made so far. Thank God for all the good things around you, no matter how small. When you state or write those things out, you drive out the negative thoughts you may have. You set the tone for positive thinking.

6. Deal With Your Stress– Stress is natural. Acknowledge it and address it. Bottling up stress can create an environment that is hostile. Stress can even cause negative physical reactions. Figure out what works for you. I acknowledge the things that are stressing me out. If there is a solution, I try to apply it. If there isn’t a solution I accept what is and focus on the things I can change. I also work out and drink lots of herbal tea during times of high stress. Tea fixes everything.

via Pinterest
via Pinterest

Positivity goes a long way. Do what you can do to create a positive and peaceful environment for yourself and your loved ones. 

 What are some ways you indulge in positivity? 



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