Take A Shot For Me:  Turmeric Edition 


At some point, we will all get older.  I fully accept and embrace this.  However, I never want to feel old or sickly.   I work hard to pick up habits that nurture my health and act as preventative maintenance for my body. 


I am extremely tolerant, so most drug store medicines and products do not work for me long, if at all.  This in mind, I have to be proactive in keeping myself in good health.  I am always looking for superfoods and home remedies that do just that. 



Turmeric is a great example of a food that has great benefits for your body.  Turmeric contains the active ingredient Curcumin, which is an antioxidant and has anti-inflammatory properties.



-Acts as a natural anti-inflammatory

-Aids in fat metabolism

-Helps with weight control

-Natural liver detoxifier

-Natural pain killer

-Natural antiseptic

-Believed to help reduce the effects of Alzheimer’s

-Found to prevent and reduce the spread of cancers such as  leukemia, breast, prostate and lung cancer

-Can help treat symptoms of Arthritis

-Can aid in relieving depression

-Controls Diabetes

-Reduces cholesterol 



With all the benefits turmeric offers, I drink a shot or 1 oz of my turmeric drink every morning as a preventative effort.  If you are actually sick or treating symptoms of one of the above ailments, I recommend taking 2-3 shots a day.  You know your body, so increase consumption at your own pace and discretion.



Ingredients for an 18 oz bottle:

Coconut water

3-4 tablespoons of turmeric powder

Cayenne and Black Pepper (the spices)

Lemon Juice (add as much or as little as you like)

Honey (again this is up to your discretion)

Cinnamon (just a splash)

*Pineapple Juice (I don’t add pineapple juice to mine, however, if the taste of turmeric is too strong or unfavorable to you, pineapple juice does wonders with making anything taste good.)


(This recipe was adapted and altered from the Real Girls Kitchenhttp://realgirlskitchen.com/)



Turmeric is just one super-food that has great benefits, what are your super-food favorites? 




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