Imani’s Top Books of 2016

Now that the year is over, I can FINALLY discuss my favorite books that I read this year.   I made it a mission to read a new book every month that had nothing to do with work or school.

1.Daughters of Jerusalem

This gem was one of the first books I read in 2016.   Joan Wolf explores the story of Mary Magdalene, a woman we often hear about when discussing the bible. Some believe she was a whore. In this fictional story the author explains how Mary got the label and how she transitioned to be one of Jesus’ first female disciples. It is a beautiful story of redemption, faith and female empowerment.

2.Milk and Honey

Rupi Kaur has a beautiful and raw way of expressing what it means to be a woman. Through short poems and simplistic art, she perfectly captures the complexities, emotions and power that make up womanhood. This is a must read.

3.Parable of the Talents

Octavia Butler’s talents, follows the life of Lauren Olamina when the world is filled with complete anarchy, pain and suffering. Butler clearly has some prophetic gifts as this story painfully mirrors the direction the world seems to be going in. There is even a president the spews hate and discord such as the president elect now. Similarly to my first two picks, this story has a strong female lead and captures her ambition, empathy and ability to love perfectly.

I read so many other awesome books last year but the above three really stood out to me.   I am so excited about exploring more literature in 2017. If you love to read as well, I suggest becoming a Kindle Unlimited member. I have access to thousands of free books and Audibles. I was able to explore so many books that I wouldn’t have read otherwise. Through Kindle Unlimited I read Daughters of Jerusalem, The Wait, Queen Sugar, Yellow Crocus, and Trail of Broken Tears.


What books are you all reading?  What books do you suggest for others this year?


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